Lamar for the Environment

Our company supports a “Green Label Production” and continually strives to ensure that all our employees and contractors work in a safe and clean environment.

Since 1975, the year in which Lamar began to exist, respect for the environment in which we live has been a constant in our way of working and a commitment to continue improving.

The choice and use of certified suppliers is the basis of respect for and protection of the environment.

This allows us to guarantee the maximum safety of the raw materials purchased, of the internal processes of the company and of the products offered.

The raw materials acquired are transformed with almost 0 emission production processes.

While some of the materials produced as waste from processing are recycled in such a way as to minimize the environmental impact.

The chain of respect for the environment extends, as it is categorical that it is, in the disposal, with the differentiation of production waste, disposed of in accordance with the law through certified companies.

Finally, to complete the “Green Labels” production chain, there is a careful choice of cleaning products used by the company.

Find out more about our production and our products, starting with the possibility of offering Certified Labels, with the utmost respect for the environment that surrounds us.