Food Industry Labels

Food industry Labels are subject to stringent regulations in order to always ensure clear and correct information, and not to mislead the final consumer about the characteristics, properties or effects of the products they are purchasing.

The label is the “business card” of your product and Lamar is a leader in the production of self-adhesive and non-adhesive labels for application on any type of food product packaging.

The choice of materials, inks and the type of printing to be used for food industry labels must be assessed on the basis of the product contained in the package to be labelled, its conservation and its storage conditions once the label is applied.

Lamar is able to provide different solutions according to your needs:

  • Low odor and low migration inks;
  • Materials suitable for direct and indirect contact with food (both self-adhesive and non-adhesive);
  • Specific adhesives for low-temperature applications for frozen foods or in presence of humidity…

For each type of label and according to the product you need to label, Lamar offers different solutions from a wide range of alternatives, including labels:

  • Adhesive labels (with adhesives suitable for direct or indirect contact with food) printed up to 10 colors, also with film
  • Non-adhesive tags, clamps and collars (with materials suitable for direct or indirect contact with foods of different thicknesses)
  • Double and multi-page labels to insert a lot of information in tight spaces
  • With progressive or random numbers
  • FSC® certified labels
  • labels with adhesive reserve

Do you need further informations?

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