Labels for the cosmetic sector

The label is the “business card” of your product!

It is necessary to present it at its best both from an aesthetic point of view because the label will compete in the choice of your product rather than that of a competitor, and from a technical specification point of view because each label must have certain specific characteristics for its use.

The labels for cosmetic sector are no exception, therefore they need an attractive look that can make you stand out from the competition.

But they also require numerous technical specifications.

In cosmetics, the label must show all the details of the product, given the delicacy of the sector, but often it must do so in a small space. We, therefore, need a solution that allows it.

Often you need labels capable of resisting water and oil or other ingredients of the product that could deteriorate them.

Ultimately, what matters is that the label maintains its readability and adhesiveness unchanged because creases or poor adhesion would translate into the eyes of the end customer as low quality of the product purchased.

Lamar, thanks to its experience in the cosmetic sector, is able to provide optimal solutions for any need, using adhesives and materials suitable for making quality labels.

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