Multi-page labels

More space for information

Is there ever enough space on the label? Do you need to add instructions, recipes, information in multiple languages, mini samples or company brochures, competitions and special initiatives?

Peal & Seal labels are double-layer adhesive labels that can be opened and closed several times and can be used in all the situations mentioned above and in many others.

Peal & Seal multipage labels have an adhesive base (on which it is possible to print one color) and two internal pages where you can print the desired information.

Finally, the front of the label where you can depict the main part that we want to show off.

Peal & Seal

Technical details:

  • Possibility of creating complex or particular shapes.
  • Adhesive base.
  • Multi-page labels with up to 4 sides available for printing (also on the adhesive side).
  • Label “open and close” several times.

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