Pharmaceutical Labels

Choosing the right Pharmaceutical Labels is of paramount importance.

Any product that falls within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry sector needs special attention because improper use can be extremely dangerous for the consumer’s health.

The labels for the pharmaceutical sector must, therefore, in compliance with current legislation, clearly and legibly report all the information relating to the composition, dosage and contraindications of the drugs.

The choice of materials is fundamental for the final performance of the label, whether these plastic films (transparent or white) or paper materials (matte paper, coated paper or thermal paper).

The choice of adhesives is also fundamental to obtain optimal performance on different types of packaging (bottles, vials, bottles, test tubes, etc.).

Lamar is able to provide the best solution for any need, supporting you in the choice with seriousness and professionalism.

There is a wide range of labels for the pharmaceutical sector, including for example:

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