At our company, “Quality” takes on a lot of different meanings, under reliability, traceability and certified processes.

The combination of these elements allows obtaining a production of high-quality labels able to satisfy every need.

Reliability, Traceability and Certified Processes are the reasons why our customers continue to turn to us even after twenty or thirty years from our first meeting and which contribute to forming the excellent market reputation we enjoy.

Quality and reliability

Reliability means paying painstaking attention to you during product development, starting production and delivering labels that meet the order specifications and within the set deadlines, and finally providing adequate and competent post-sales assistance.

It is also essential to be a reliable business partner: in 2015 we were awarded the “Cribis D&B Rating 1”, which is the highest recognition at international level for the economic and financial reliability of a company. Rating 1 is a recognition of Lamar’s capacity to cope with the commitments it has taken towards its partners such as banks, insurance companies, financial companies, customers and suppliers. To obtain this it is necessary to maintain, over time, both a high level of economic and financial reliability and punctuality in payments.

Quality means traceability

Every reel or pack of labels produced is marked by a Seal of Guarantee bearing the production batch data and the number of labels contained.

This means that at any time, we can trace back to all details of the original order, including the dates of each production phase, the machinists involved and the machines and materials used.

In this way, our customer has the certainty of being able to obtain any information it deems necessary, at any time.

Certified processes

Thanks to the constant attention paid to the top quality of its products and processes, as far back as 1997 Lamar was one of the very first companies in the sector to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9002 certification with the certifying body CERTIQUALITY.

Over the years, its quality certifications have been renewed, with different versions, up to the present version that corresponds to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.