Self-adhesive Labels

Lamar is able to supply self-adhesive labels in various types of material, both in paper material (natural, coated, normal thermal or thermal protected papers, etc.) and in plastic films (white, transparent or colored, glossy, opaque, etc…).

Depending on the needs of the application surfaces, the aforementioned fronts can be supplied with different adhesives, both permanent and removable, hot-melt or acrylic, also with specific sector certifications (for example suitable for contact with food).

The labels are made and customized on the requests of each individual customer, packaged in rolls, in various types of unwinding and/or size, or in packs, always following the indications provided to us by the production needs of ours Clients.

Lamar can produce a wide range of labels, whether they are neutral (blank), suitable for any production need, which can also be overprinted with thermal transfer for the management of variable data, in order to satisfy any logistic or production need.

Or printed with different printing systems, even combined, in order to offer different solutions for every type of product sector: food, home & personal care, industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, Great Distribution, etc…

Technical details:

  • Print up to 10 colors even with foil colors.
  • Self-adhesive labels of any shape and size.
  • Possibility to use white, colored or transparent paper or plastic film.
  • Different choice of adhesives: suitable for contact with food, permanent or removable adhesives, adhesives for special applications (pneumatic, frozen, difficult surfaces, etc.).

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